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Jason Arnold is on a mission to change the way you feel about auto repair. Personal client satisfaction and unbeatable value are the cornerstones AKA Automotive. A professional automotive and light truck repair facility that's doing customer service differently.

With most dealership repair shops, you don't get to deal directly with the person fixing your vehicle, but here you do. At other repair shops you make an appointment with one person, drop it off with another, some faceless mechanic works on it, you pay someone else when you pick it up. While that system promotes volume, it does little for customer relations and understanding of your needs. When you deal directly with Jason, the result is better service. He can create solutions that meet the needs of your vehicle and your pocket book.

Today's vehicles are very complicated and it's easy for the customer to get overwhelmed with technical speak. He takes the time to help customers understand what's going on with their vehicle, without talking down to them or being demeaning. This approach ensures personal satisfaction, reduces return visits and saves you money.

Reducing Waste & Recycling

AKA Automotive cares about the environment and is a reduced waste facility. Many of the parts replaced on vehicles are made of metal and can easily be recycled. Office and shop waste such as boxes, paper and plastic are sorted and sent to the recycling center. Even dirty waste oil is collected and used for heating. While some trash is produced, reducing the amount sent to landfills and keeping our environment clean is very important part of our business philosophy.

Experience & Training

Jason has been in the automotive industry for 21 years and an automotive technician for over 16 years. Vehicles have changed a lot on the last 5 years. Computers control many of the functions, from headlamps and wipers to drive train and electronic braking systems. Many of todays vehicles have no fewer than 4 computers to control the various functions of your automobile. Some higher end cars have as many as 20 computers to control things the drivers seat or power mirrors for example.

The complexity of todays vehicles makes continuing education more important than ever. Not only do you have to know how a car works mechanically, you need to be a computer expert. Jason is an ASE Master Certified Technician in all 8 automotive areas, plus LT1 Advance Leven and Undercar Specialist certifications. Every year Jason attends several training classes, both online and in person. This allows him to keep up with the ever changing technologies that the auto industry introduces, including new emission standards and the computer controlled devices.

ASE Certification

Until the early 1970s, consumers had no way of distinguishing between competent and incompetent mechanics. In response to this need, the independent non-profit National Institute for Automobile Service Excellence (ASE) was established in 1972. ASE's mission is to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service through testing and certification of repair and service professionals.

Prospective candidates are required to take one or more of ASEs 40 plus exams. Upon passing at least one exam and proof of at least two years of automotive industry experience, the technician can become ASE certified. Certification, however is not for life. To remain ASE certified, the technician must be retested every 5 years.

ASE Certification is a great way for the consumer to gauge the knowledge and experience of the automotive technician, as well as the commitment to quality of the repair facility that employes ASE Certified professionals.